Is your body Happy?

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Train with Billy Wayne Blackwell II


Training With Billy Wayne Blackwell II

Is your body happy?

The Happy Body program is a complete system of exercise, nutrition, and recovery designed to restore your body’s vitality, strength and mobility.

I am a certified trainer in the Happy Body method, based in southwest Berlin. I focus on helping you reach your fitness goals through a mindfulness-based weightlifting system, that combines breath work with essential movement patterns.

Developed by former international weight lifting champions, Jerzy and Aniela Gregorek, the Happy Body exercise method uses targeted exercises to enhance the six qualities of youthfulness: flexibility, strength, speed, leanness, ideal body weight and good posture.

Whether you are looking to get back in shape, complement your existing fitness program or recover from an injury, I can help you achieve your goals using the Happy Body method.

I offer one-on-one training sessions in my Zehlendorf studio and online nutrition coaching. Get in touch and let’s get strong together!

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Individualized 1-on-1 fitness training


Highly individualised habits based nutrition coaching


Happy Body Lifestyle Mentoring

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Get in shape

It’s easy to get started on your Happy Body lifestyle: 1-on-1 individual training, nutrition coaching and Happy Body Lifestyle mentorship

1-on-1 training

If you’re like me you want results, results, results. And the way to get there is through goals and accountablity. Let me guide you on your journey to your happy body and beyond.

Nutrition Coaching

It’s amazing what changes we can make with the right support. Are you looking for direction, support and accountability for your diet and nutrition? We’ve partnered with Precision Nutrition, the leading provider for habits based diet coaching. 

Lifestyle Mentorship

My mentorship program, based on the Happy Body principles, is a comprehensive, individualized nutrition, wellness & training program, designed to help you to establish good, long-term habits in order for you to reach your  goal of having a 100% happy body.

Happy clients, healthy people

Client Testimonials

After 6 months, Audrey H. reached her goal weight and found herself, at nearly 60 years old, able to deadlift 60 kilos. 

“Thank you so much, Billy, for the videos and especially for your support all these months. I not only feel physically better, but I’m also spiritually fitter, and I would never have been able to come this far after the death of my mother without your support. You are very professional and at the same time [you] demonstrate compassion and understanding. You’re a credit to this sports profession.”


Tomasz Kuklicz (DJ Tomekk) is a Grammy- nominated Hip-hop DJ and producer who found himself with an extra 15 kilos and frequent back problems. A participant in my lifestyle mentorship program, DJ Tomekk has seen impressive results.

“So I have been working Happy Body since August . Daily workouts. Around 35 mins. Mostly upon wake up. Today I  hit  83kg, which is 10 kg of weight loss since I started. The exciting thing is: I am far from perfect. I struggle with sleep and with the eating. And it still works. Doing my Happy Body workout daily, 1st thing in the morning, gives me the security that I am going to look good even if I have an extra pancake in the morning. The foodplan brings results beyond my wildest dreams. I am far from perfect but I look better than I did 20 years ago.”

Seidu M. is a 25 year old semi-professional vegan boxer from Ghana, who has been doing Happy Body for 10 months. Fit and strong to begin with, Seidu developed his speed and power, and a longer extension on his punch though daily Happy Body training.

“I lost about 5.5 kilos after six weeks. I have an amazing punch now with so much reach and flexibility. It’s really powerful and strong… It’s amazing to be brought into this beautiful happy body.

I’m really amazed  with the Happy Body workout. I really feel good and healthy, like a baby lion who is born today… It feels really amazing to be happy with yourself. Happiness is all about your body. Let it shine!

Yes… My body is full of grace and happiness. I feel really amazing with health and light, thanks to you Billy”

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