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Before Happy Body, I was hurting most of the time. I had lower back pain, poor mobility and I felt sore just about everywhere.

Now I’m more flexible than I can ever remember being, I’m quicker than I ever was. I’m stronger than I ever imagined. And I’m the leanest I’ve been in years.

All because of the Happy Body program.

I entered the military 30 years ago as a fat kid. My parents had been in the military too, and food became my primary source of comfort as we moved from based to base, country to country. I was overweight all through elementary, junior high and high school. Finally, in boot camp, I learned that bodies do indeed change, and that people can do more than they think they can.

After leaving the military, I found my passion in fitness.  I became certified as a fitness instructor and began working with individuals and groups in high RPM full-body spin classes, hard-driving power lifting, and high-intensity body pump aerobics classes in both the US and in Germany.

Still, took me a while to find my balance with eating, and to stabilize my weight. It wasn’t until I found the Happy Body program that I learned what “enough” truly meant. The Happy Body excercise method has helped me to gain strength and flexibility in ways I had never thought possible.

Adding certified “Happy Body Mentor” to my International Sports Science Association and my National Academy of Sports Medicine certifications has been one of the smartest moves that I ever made. Let’s work together and get your body Happy!


The Gym


Happy Body Berlin is cozy boutique fitness studio in Berlin, Zehlendorf. Perfect for one-to-one sessions and small group classes, you’ll get the attention you need and deserve here.

With a hundreds of kilos of colorful bumper plates you can’t help but be happy about squating, bench pressing, deadlifting, overhead pressing and power cleaning. 

This is not your average strength training studio.

Here is a place where you can feel comfortable learning about your body and what it can do. 

We have a pull-up bar and gymnastic rings to get your shoulders in great shape. 

But the small weight are all most people need to do The Happy Body program. It’s not until after your body is pretty happy are we going to kick things up a notch.

You are safe in this place, especially because I’ll be there watching out for you making sure that you get a safe and effective workout.

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