Pricing Plans

1-on-1 and Group Training Plans

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Introductory Referral Offer

If you’ve worked with me in any capacity in our former group courses or as a 1-on-1 client, I’m offering an Introductory Referral Program:

20 percent off your next package.


The person you’re referring get 10 percent off just for taking your advice.

This offer is for a limited time only, so take advantage while it lasts.

Personal Assessment and Program Design

For your first Happy Body session, we will do a comprehensive personal assessment and program design. I’ll measure your body fat composition, weight, and height. Then we’ll  assess your strength, flexibity and posture. We’ll use all of these components to set concrete goals, and set a plan in motion to make your body happy!

1.5 HOURS @ 180 €

Nutrition coaching package

A lot can happen in 12 weeks. I can guarantee some serious changes as we work together. Let me coach you through your transition. It’s amazing what changes we can make with the right support. Are you looking for direction, support and accountability for your diet and nutrition? We’ve partnered with Precision Nutrition, the leading provider for habits based diet coaching. With a three month commitment, you will see, feel and show the changes.

3500€ per year

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Billy Wayne Blackwell

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