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What I offer

Let me help you reach your fitness goals of increased flexibility & strength, weight loss, or recovery after injury


Let’s work together to assess your current fitness and fitness goals, and to create a structured plan that will help you get your Happy Body. Using the sequences from the Happy Body routines, along with modifications tailored to your body’s needs, I will help you understand your body’s abilities. We will work on form and increase your fitness by focusing on strength, flexibility and leanness. With my recommended 3x week training program, I can help you get your body happy! I can help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. My goal is to make an impact in your life.


The Happy Body offers effective nutritional consulting based on a balance of portion mindfulness and smart calories. I can come to your home for a kitchen cupboard evaluation and also take you shopping to help you make smart choices. Whether it is losing weight or gaining more muscle, I can help you achieve your goal through nutritional coaching and support.


My studio is here to support you. Whether it’s our 1-on-1 sessions, our group classes or our social media tools, the Happy Body Berlin is like a group of teammates here to cheer you on. Join us!


First MEETING: Workout + Assessment


The first time we meet, we need to get to know each other. I call this meeting the Happy Body Assessment, and I build your personalized workout routine based on this appointment.

During the assessment we’ll discuss your fitness history, any injuries you may have and look at your movement patterns and posture. We’ll discuss your current exercise habits and your goals about your body.

So we can document your progress, I’ll take your measurements, including your weight and body fat to determine your body type.

After this assessment, I will create an individualized program and schedule for you.  Let’s work together!

89 Euro

Pricing Plans

1-on-1 and Group Training Plans

* Please see cancellation policy before booking


Let’s get to know each other. We’ll talk about your previous exercise program and explore your fitness goals. Then I’ll take you through a few sequences so you can feel the movements and I can assess your strength and mobility. We’ll wrap things up by setting some goals and developing the best workout plan for you. This is an introductory one-time session only.

45 MINUTES @ 60

Personal Assessment and Program Design

For your first Happy Body session, we will do a comprehensive personal assessment and program design. I’ll measure your body fat composition, weight, and height. Then we’ll  assess your strength, flexibity and posture. We’ll use all of these components to set concrete goals, and set a plan in motion to make your body happy!

1.5 HOURS @ 100 

Advanced Happy Body independent work

You’ve been doing Happy Body for at least 6 months. You’re confident in your routine and you’re practicing on your own. With the Advanced Happy Body Independent Work training, I provide once a week, one-on-one personalized training to make sure your practice and form remain on point.

1 HOUR per week @320 /month

Nutrition Coaching

It’s amazing what changes we can make with the right support. Are you looking for direction, support and accountability for your diet and nutrition? We’ve partnered with Precision Nutrition, the leading provider for habits based diet coaching. 

80€ per week


Three Month Nutrition coaching package

A lot can happen in 12 weeks. I can guarantee some serious changes as we work together. Let me coach you through your transition. It’s amazing what changes we can make with the right support. Are you looking for direction, support and accountability for your diet and nutrition? We’ve partnered with Precision Nutrition, the leading provider for habits based diet coaching. With a three month commitment, you will see, feel and show the changes.

780€ for a 3 month coaching package

Billy Wayne Blackwell II

Real Work.
  Real Results.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

After 6 months, Audrey H. reached her goal weight and found herself, at nearly 60 years old, able to deadlift 60 kilos. 

“Thank you so much, Billy, for the videos and especially for your support all these months. I not only feel physically better, but I’m also spiritually fitter, and I would never have been able to come this far after the death of my mother without your support. You are very professional and at the same time [you] demonstrate compassion and understanding. You’re a credit to this sports profession.”


Tomasz Kuklicz (DJ Tomekk) is a Grammy- nominated Hip-hop DJ and producer who found himself with an extra 15 kilos and frequent back problems. A participant in my lifestyle mentorship program, DJ Tomekk has seen impressive results.

“So I have been working Happy Body since august . Daily workout. Around 35 mins. Mostly on wakeup. Today I have hit the 83kg wich is 10 kg of weight loss since I started. The exciting thing is; I am far from perfect. Struggle with sleep and with the eating. It still works. Doing my Happy Body workout daily, 1st thing in the morning gives me the security that I am going to look good even if I have an extra pancake in the morning. The foodplan brings results beyond my wildest dreams. I am far from perfect but I look better than 20 years ago.”

Seidu M. is a 25 year old semi-professional boxer from Ghana, who has been doing Happy Body for 8 months. Fit and strong to begin with, Seidu developed his speed and power, and a longer extension on his punch though daily Happy Body training.

“I loss about 5.5 kilos after six weeks. I have amazing punch. It’s really powerful and strong… It’s amazing to be brought into this beautiful happy body..

I’m really amazed  with happy body. I really feel good and healthy, like a baby lion who is born today… It feels really amazing to be happy with yourself. Happiness is all about your body. Let it shine!

Yes… My body is full of grace and happiness. I feel really amazing with health and light, thanks to you Billy”

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