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The purpose of the Happy Body program is to slow the aging process by retaining the body’s softness when it is relaxed while simultaneously developing its hardness for action. 

The bigger the gap between a body’s hardness and softness, the better. The faster one can go from one to the other, the healthier, more elastic, and more powerful the body. A weak, brittle body is like a solid glass ball; thrown against a wall it will shatter. A strong, elastic body performs as a rubber ball, bouncing back with force.

Happy Body exercises synchronize profoundly essential yet simple movements with the breath. Jerzy and Aniela Gregorek developed a series of movements that explore the utility of anaerobic breathing, making unique use of the shifting interplay between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems through exercise.

The Happy Body Program is designed to bring balance and symmetry, using conscious training. Through mindfulness, you focus on the singularity of the action in the brain, so the cycle becomes a form of stress release. The 100% focus on the six steps—inhale, flex, move, extend, return, exhale—creates a mantra, taking you into a state of centered concentration that Jerzy and Aniela Gregorek calls active meditation.

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