On Satiation

About eating

Nutrition is only part of the story 

I didn’t learn the word satiation until after 40 years of age, when I moved to Germany. Which is strange because it is an English word. 

I’ve learned many new words from my mother tongue from having to translate them from another language. 

Here in my new home Berlin, they kept asking me after a meal if I was “sat.” “Satiate” means enough and is the Latin root of the word “Satisfy,” which means to make enough. 

There are cultural reasons for why we are the way we are. In the Southern states of the U.S. where my family is from. The question there after a meal that I’m used to is, “Are you full?”

After studying the science of nutrition and body recomposition for a little while I’m realising that it is no wonder that I come from a family of very,  very big people: The most honest answer to “Are you full?” is, of course … “I could eat more.” 

Full is an extreme condition. 

Come on you eat another bite. Don’t lie. It tastes good right. 

Sure you could. I’m sure you could eat another bite. 

After all your mother made it for you. 

Hmmm… yummy!

It’s good, right? (I could go into a lengthy diatribe about difference between the good, the true and the beautiful, and take a stab at explaining some Hegalian logic here, but I will avoid the urge to digress.) The short answer is “No.” No it’s not good to be so unclear about your boundaries that you allow others to define them for you. 

Enough is enough.




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